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Karnataka, the eighth largest state of Indian republic is no less than ‘Solomon’s Mine.’ It is one of the four major states of the Indian south. The state stands over Deccan Plateau and is surrounded by the states – Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Goa. A part of it, that lies to the west of the state, faces the Arabian Sea and constitutes the Western Coastal Plains in India. Karnataka is a very famous place and you will find more than a single contributor to this fact.

Karnataka enjoys a culture and a life style of its own; one that is unique and not like other south Indian states. One of the greatest contributions that we owe to Karnataka has been the emergence and development of Carnatic Music. This devotional and philosophic music has inspired millions and is one important variable that characterizes the popular culture. The state has given birth and fostered some prominent musicians in the Indian sub continent.

Carnatic Music is not the only trail you will find following at Karnataka. The panorama of Karnataka withholds many faces. Hills, beaches, waterfalls, woodlands, monuments, religious places are some of popular elements you will find at Karnataka. Apart from that, the state also constitutes some of the developed cities of India.

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